Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

Catalogues which offer a buy now pay later payment option are the perfect solution for those who need to buy something today but don’t have the money to pay for it. With this finance option you get to spread the cost of what you bought over a series of months or weeks or even pay nothing for up to 12 months.

Buy now pay later sites
Buy now pay later sites allow you to buy things for now and pay for them later. They come in handy when you’re on a tight budget but need to buy some essentials. Or you could save the money you have right now for something in the future.

These sites are similar to credit card companies as in they charge an interest when someone is late on payment. These sites usually have a time frame within which you need to pay up. You can also choose from a number of schemes like paying back in 1 year, 2 years or 3 years all with varying interest rates. Some sites even have schemes that let you pay 6 months later with no interest if it is paid in full.

Benefits of these sites include them not requiring credit checks. This would be helpful to people with bad credit ratings. Budgeting is also easier. It’s much easier to spend say, £50 per month than £500 in one go. You also don’t need to walk into a traditional brick and mortar shop to look for what you want or stand in a long line to pay the bill or do the job of carrying your stuff home. You can simply get it delivered.

There are many sites that run on buy now pay later schemes and sites that sell almost everything like furniture (Furniture Village, Oak Furniture Land), baby clothes (Vertbaudet), books, lingerie, plus size men’s clothing, petite women’s clothing, gifts, carpets (Carpet Right) etc. It has been seen that these sites are more popular than normal shopping online.

Buy now pay later shops
The very essence of shopping is to buy what you want to own despite the cost of the purchase or how expensive the product is. But sometimes, when finances are tight, it could be a challenge to find enough cash and make the purchase. The pay later finance option will enable people to enjoy their purchases while spreading the payments over a long period of time. Retailers are inclining towards these schemes to offer top brand products at an affordable price for the consumers. The purchase can be made and the option of paying weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually is left for the consumer to decide according to his/her convenience. The payment plan is made as consumer friendly as possible with no deposit required up-front.

There are number of buy now pay later shops in the UK which offer various range of products from furniture, kitchen appliances to electronic items and toys. Lookagain, a huge apparel retailer follows this scheme with certain additional features for the consumer. They have a 28 day interest free period after the purchase is made and deliver the purchase to the buyer’s doorstep. Woolworths on the other hand offers this credit option on a purchase of £400 or more. They provide you with an option of extending the payment period if you have a Woolworths account.

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